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How Law Firm Funding Works

Could your law firm benefit from a capital infusion of $100,000 to $5,000,000 or more, with no personal guarantees?

The Landscape has Changed:

The financial markets have changed dramatically in recent years and as a result Trial Lawyers are burdened with new restrictive banking models and when combined with funding your clients costs it creates a significant strain on your firm’s ability to execute and grow.  In addition, using your personal savings and credit cards coupled with personal guarantees and high monthly debt servicing are not only very limiting but inherently risky.

American Law Firm Funding, LLC understands your challenges and has developed law firm funding programs specifically for Trial lawyer firms.

Our Objectives:

To improve your firm’s cash flow and profitability by providing timely capital which ultimately levels the playing field for your clients against the well-financed defendants.

Capital Today for Your Future Fees

American Law Firm Funding has the experience and capability of analyzing, valuing and securing your future anticipated law firm fees while providing capital to you today against those potential and future fees. Our core staff of executives and administrative personnel have more than 10 years in the legal finance industry. The benefit of that experienced team and our law firm funding model results in capital for you today based solely on your future anticipated legal fees and costs.

Key Funding Model Summary

• No Personal Guarantees by Firm Partners
• No long term contracts, 6 month minimum
• No restriction on use of Proceeds
• Minimal monthly maintenance fees
• No monthly interest on principal until cases settle
• No insurance
• No Equity, Co-Counsel Fees or other dilution events
• Funding from $100,000 to $5,000,000 or more
• Refinancing at lower rates as your firm portfolio matures and risk decreases

Judgements are Rising, will Your Capital help you Keep Up with Trends?

Tort settlement judgments in the U.S. exceeded $250 billion in 2009 alone resulting in an estimated $100 billion in legal fees paid to lawyers nationally. Until recent years, trial lawyers attempted to execute their legal model with very limited financial resources, including their own personal funds and assets. What portion of those billions in pending settlements will your firm capture in future years?

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