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How Plaintiff Funding Works

Since 2014,  American Legal Financial Services, LLC has provided money to injured parties (plaintiffs) before and after their cases have settled. We understand the many financial challenges that you may face as a result of being injured and the frustration you often feel while waiting for your case to settle. We’re here to help you and work with your lawyer to quickly obtain a pre-settlement funding and cash advance today for you on your pending case and should you unfortunately lose your case you owe us nothing.

Step 1 – Call Us Immediately at 1-855-CALL ALF ( 225-5253) or Fill Out Our Free On-Line Application to Get Quick Approval

To obtain a legal funding, you will need to complete our simple application on-line or just give us a call during normal business hours. Once your FREE application is complete, you will be contacted the same day by one of our experienced underwriters to discuss both your application and specific case details. The initial information that you supply to us will help us understand your injuries, the medical treatment you received, and other pertinent details of your case. Of course, all details remain Confidential.

Step 2 – We Work the Same Day With Your Lawyer to Get You Funded

With your permission we’ll immediately have a brief conversation with your paralegal or lawyer about your case details and your desire to obtain money today as a pre-settlement funding or lawsuit cash advance on your potential future lawsuit and case recovery. Since we have helped so many individuals already, our staff lawyers know exactly the few key questions to ask your lawyer or paralegal to make this process easy and quick for both you and the law firm representing you. With the help of your law firm and you, we can gather and quickly review the unique details of your case.

Step 3 – Underwriting & Funding Approval in 24-48 Hours

Our underwriter will compile the information received from your law firm, review that information with your lawyer then submit your request to our internal underwriting committee for your pre-settlement funding approval. Once we have those details from your law firm we can normally provide you and your lawyer with our funding decision, all details and your lawsuit cash advance amount within 24-48 hours.

Step 4 – You Approve the Funding Agreement & Receive Money Overnight

After your review, approval and signatures on the funding agreement by both you and your lawyer a check or debit card can be sent to you overnight if you desire.

Step 5 – Now We Wait and If You Lose Your Case You Owe Us Nothing !

For these and other important questions see our page on “How It Works”or call one of our team members today. 

Important Information 

These type of non-recourse legal fundings for individuals or plaintiffs with pending lawsuits or cases are referred to by many familiar and unfamiliar terms.  They may be referred to as Non-Recourse Lawsuit Loans, Lawsuit Funding, Lawsuit Loans or Settlement Loans. You may also hear them referred to as Pre-Settlement Loans, Pre-Settlement Funding, Lawsuit Cash Advances or Non-Recourse Lawsuit Loans. Regardless what anyone else calls them understand that the type of Pre-Settlement Funding or Cash Advance Funding that American Plaintiff Funding, LLC provides on your case are ABSOLUTELY NOT LOANS, they have none of the requirements commonly found in loans like personal guarantees as well as the below characteristics commonly found and ultimately if you lose your case we have no absolute right of repayment. With American Plaintiff Funding, LLC “ALF” :

  • You Never Pledge Any Other Asset.
  • We Never Create any Kind of Debt that Would Ever Show on Your Credit Report.
  • You Make No Monthly Payments of Any Kind and Only When your Case Settles.
  • If You Lose Your Case You Owe Us Nothing !  That’s Right if you lose your case and receive no proceeds of any kind you never have to repay us.

Other Information

Generally you have no restrictions on the use the money. You can receive our financial assistance to help pay your mortgage/rent and utilities, seek medical treatment, make car and insurance payments, buy food, medicine or pay many other life necessities that may arise as a result of your injury and your pending lawsuit including but not limited to stopping an eviction or foreclosure and various asset repossessions.

We pride our selves on being able to offer some of the best rates in the industry with minimal up-front fees ( with no cash out of your pocket), no monthly payments until your case settles and credit scores are not relevant to receiving a lawsuit cash advance or legal funding from us on your case.

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