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American Plaintiff Funding, LLC and American Law Firm Funding, LLC (“ALF”) have more than 10 years of experience in providing pre-settlement funding money to individuals and law firms before and after their cases have settled.

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BP Oil Clean-Up Workers Medical Claims Increasing

As a result of the April 2010 BP Oil Spill and recent court rulings the staff of American Plaintiff Funding, LLC and American Law Firm Funding, LLC are accepting applications from injured BP Oil Clean-Up Workers and their law firms who desire pre-settlement funding towards their possible and pending claims.

The on-going litigation for the Clean-Up workers was settled on April 16th of 2012 and as a result of an appeal by BP Oil which has now become final, it appears that BP Oil Clean-Up workers may now be entitled to additional compensation depending on their class of injuries. Prior to the appeal, Clean-Up Workers were restricted to either Acute claims valued between $1300.00 and $12,300.00 or Chronic injury claims previously capped at $60,7000.00 each. As a result of the appeal ruling it appears that injured Clean-Up workers can now (i) receive compensation for injuries sustained in both the Acute and Chronic categories (ii) have the Chronic category compensation cap of $60,700.00 removed and now be paid in alignment with each worker’s multiple medical damages in the Chronic category under the new BELO claims (iii) also be paid in a new category of Depression which is the most prevalent diagnosis of the spill according to the Gulf Study conducted by the Federal Government and (iv) have up to four years from date of diagnosis for those workers exhibiting later manifested conditions to make a claim that was previously restricted by a 2012 statute of limitation.

As of August of 2015 over 40,000 BP Oil Clean-Up Worker claims have been filed. Those workers qualifying for Acute claims may begin receiving compensation as early as fourth quarter of 2015. Those claimants with the Chronic and BELO back-end litigation claims will need to prove medical conditions with the timing of possible future compensation undetermined at this time.

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